Monday, 11 February 2013

Scan is booked

It is yet again the two week wait. My scan is booked in for February 26th, which is two weeks tomorrow.  I am so nervous but excited at the same time.  If anyone has any advice on how to stay chilled out for the next two weeks it would be greatly appreciated.

For a normal pregnancy the first scan would be at 12 weeks so I am lucky that I am getting an extra scan at 6 weeks 5days.  Neither do we have beta's.  We test get a BFP then sit and wait.  I think if I had to wait until 12 weeks it would drive me insane.  I would be an emotinal wreck.  Two week increments I can cope with.

Once the early scan is done it will mean having to wait another 5 weeks for the next scan then the next scan is at 20 weeks so an 8 week wait.  Arghhhhhhh...............

I am hoping to get a 4d scan done but it will all depend on how things progress and of course the cost.  I want to spend as much time at home off work as I can so if I have to miss out on the scan to have an extra week or two at home then so be it.  I am hoping to be able to take the full year I am entitled to off.  Time will tell on that, it is a shame money has to affect such an important part of life.

The only "sympton" I have at the moment is sore breasts.  Seriously every time I take my bra off they ache and are tender.  I normally get this sort of pain for a day or two before my period starts so I am used to it and it isn't awful.  I just keep my bra on longer when it is on I don't seem to notice the sensitivity.

If all goes well at the first scan we may tell our families on Mothers Day which is March 10th.  I was thinking of getting postcards made up with a picture of the scan and something along the lines of "Due to arrive October 17th" written underneath.  We did plan on waiting until 12 weeks.  It is all about one step at a time so for now we will just wait and get the scan done and decide from there.

If anyone has any pregnancy announcement ideas I would appreciate them.  Or any links to pages with ideas.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The two week wait is over

That has to have been the longest two weeks of my life!  Every other two week wait never lasted two weeks due to my endometriosis and the fact I ovulate late and my period comes within 7-8 days.  This time to know I was actually pupo and using the cyclo.gest it was a hundred times more agonising waiting to test.

The clinic gave me instructions to test 16 days after collection which was today February 9th.  I was having weird dreams all night last night, I think it was the anxiety of knowing I had to get up and poas.  I am terrible when I first wake up and was really worried I would forget, so before bed I put a container next to the toilet and put the lid down with the test on top.

I woke numerous time through the night and every time I told myself don't pee yet go back to sleep.  Finally at 7.30am I gave up and got up.  I didn't much fancy aiming at the test so used the container and dipped the test in.  I woke J up so he got up with me and told me not to look without him.  Once I had finished the dip and reattached the lid we got back in to bed.  And waited.  J was impatient and asked how long it takes so I told him up to 3 minutes.

We sat both nervous as to what the result would be and we were both in complete shock to read................

I have spent most of the day checking and rechecking what the test says and giggling to myself.  After 18 years together this is the first time we have had a positive test.  It is a miracle.  

Now we have to get through the next step which will be a viability scan at the IVF clinic in 2-3 weeks.  I will phone them on Monday to get the appointment booked in.  So yes once again we wait, it will be a relief to get that scan done to know that the pregnancy is viable.

I do have one more test which I may do next weekend to see if it progresses.  We will wait and see how I am feeling then. 

For now we are just going to relax as best we can and carry on as normal.