Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

The weeks are flying by! Can you believe January is already over and today is February 1st? Wasn't it just Christmas a few days ago?

I have had a pretty good week. I counted all my pro.points up until Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we had friends down and had a mini party. It is so expensive to go out these days so a group of my friends have all decided to start having drinks at home. We will each take it in turns and once a month we will go to each others homes for drinks and a bit of food. Nothing extravagant, we did a four bird roast and some ham with potato wedges and parsnips some garlic bread some dips and bread sticks. Everyone enjoyed it!

I was given shortbread for Christmas so made up a little dessert. Shortbread biscuit with thick cream on top and strawberries (I should have taken a picture). It was lovely and it got rid of most of the tin which means I won't be eating them. Method in my madness of giving away my favourite biscuit.

I didn't track from then onwards. I did count up in my head what I was having but I will be writing everything down this week. The losses are always so much better when I do that. Today's food is all tracked an accounted for.

So this weeks loss yes it was a loss. Another 0.5lb this week so I am now up to 43lb.

Here is to being super good with all things food this week and a great loss next week.