Friday, 23 August 2013

October 17th

Is or should I say was my due date. Our daughter was far too eager to meet us and arrived nine weeks and one day early. She is the most beautiful and tiny little person I have ever seen and I am so blessed that she is mine and J's.

E spent six days in the NICU but was well enough to be moved to HDU. Saturday was a tough day and she was edtremely poorly but since then shenhas been thriving. She no longer needs a respirator and is breathing on her own and holding her sats.

Feeding was stopped due to her stomach issues on Saturday but she was restarted on feeds Monday morning and has built up from 2ml every two hours to 14 ml every two hours. She s a little fighter that is for sure! She also needed Phototherapy for jaundice but thankfully that was also stopped yesterday as her body is now doing what it should all by itself.

Today we are hoping to get those feeds up even more and to get her off the fluids. Removing the fluids is the next big step for her. Any good thoughts or prayers that she comes off them tonight would be appreciated.

The last nine days have been the toughest of our lives. Just sitting and watching her. Unable to just pick her up and comfort her when we want to. Trying not to touch even as the less you touch the more they rest which means the heal and grow quicker. Touching them just stimulates them and uses up the little energy that they have.

We have been able to hold her most days but only at certain times and usually for about an hour. Those precious moments bring a complete sense of calm over my whole body.  We know she is getting stronger by the day and are learning patience in a way I never knew was possible.  Although there have been many tears shed we are happy with how she is dong.

I will try and post when I can but we are spending very little awake time a home. I am going back to bed for an hour before it is time to get up for the day and make our way to the hospital for the next 12-14 hour shift with our daughter.  I f I could stay 24 hours I would but we know we have to get our rest so that we are able to look after he when she is able to come home.