Thursday, 27 January 2011

Follow up appt.

I finally got a follow up appoitment with the new gynaecologist in the September.  So it was about 2 months after surgery.  After waiting what seemed like a lifetime in the waiting room, where everyone else seems to see a doctor and leave, while I am still waiting I was finally called in. 

The young girl who was obviously younger than I am, not that that is a problem, didn't seem to care.  She quickly looked at my file and saw I had surgery asked how the scar was healing and said "okay then we will see you again in six month".  I just sat there and stared at her.  My husband spoke first I think I was in shock that someone could treat a person so badly.  I hadn't even been in the room five minutes at this point.  We explained a little and insisted on seeing the gynae that I was supposed to be seeing as we had been told I would be having more treatment.

About ten minutes later the correct person came to see me.  He told me that he and Mr H had had many conversation about me during their weekly meetings.  Through our conversation we assertained that my endo was stage iv and extensive.  My abdomen had been full of old blood and they had had to wash my insides out.  They had removed as much as they could during the surgery but as there was so much a lot had also been left.

We had talked about the fact that we had wanted to start a family and Mr E gave me the option of going away and trying to become pregnant or we could go ahead with treatment to try and reduce the endo that had been left.  He recommended we do the treatment first and that is what we decided to do.  He explained that he would do me a prescription for Prostap (Lupron) and it would be on my file ready for when I could start it.  The first treatment was to be started three or four days into my period.  I left with the telephone number to phone when my period started so that they could expect me for the injection.

October 13th 2008 I arrived back at the hospital for the 1st of six, four weekly injections.  I wish I had known more about what I was letting myself in for.  The next six months were not fun but they deserve their very own post.

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