Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

The weeks are flying by! Can you believe January is already over and today is February 1st? Wasn't it just Christmas a few days ago?

I have had a pretty good week. I counted all my pro.points up until Saturday afternoon. Saturday night we had friends down and had a mini party. It is so expensive to go out these days so a group of my friends have all decided to start having drinks at home. We will each take it in turns and once a month we will go to each others homes for drinks and a bit of food. Nothing extravagant, we did a four bird roast and some ham with potato wedges and parsnips some garlic bread some dips and bread sticks. Everyone enjoyed it!

I was given shortbread for Christmas so made up a little dessert. Shortbread biscuit with thick cream on top and strawberries (I should have taken a picture). It was lovely and it got rid of most of the tin which means I won't be eating them. Method in my madness of giving away my favourite biscuit.

I didn't track from then onwards. I did count up in my head what I was having but I will be writing everything down this week. The losses are always so much better when I do that. Today's food is all tracked an accounted for.

So this weeks loss yes it was a loss. Another 0.5lb this week so I am now up to 43lb.

Here is to being super good with all things food this week and a great loss next week.


  1. Wonderful! Things are so expensive these days that partying at home with friends is the best way to enjoy yourself.

  2. Thanks for your comment today on my blog. You've inspired me and I think your blog is my new favorite. have you lost the weight?! 35 pounds only gets me back into the IVF dicussion...I need to lose 50-60 ideally.

    1. I tried to go it alone and managed to lose 10lb but then came to a standstill. I joined wat.chers at the end of June last year and I am now 48lb down. Some weeks are harder than others but it is definitely worth sticking with it. I am really starting to notice and feel better. I found a photo of myself on a weekend away 11 months ago and I was shocked at how big I look. I am planning on taking a picture of myself in the same outfit very soon. I may wait until I hot that 50lb mark. You can do this!!