Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Half Marathon

I have just a few minutes ago registered my interest to run a local half marathon.  It isn't until October 28th, but I am a little excited and a lot terrified!  I had 3 weeks off from running as I have been sick, thank you endo, I got back to it on Saturday and was able to get straight back in to my 34 minutes of running.  So no damage done, thank goodness.

I managed to sleep in on Sunday morning for the first time in weeks, so missed out on my run.  I got straight back out Monday morning and felt great.  Yesterday morning I changed my tactic and instead of running for a set amount of time I changed my target to a distance.  I set my i.pod for 5k, as I wanted to see what my time is, all ready for the 5k we are doing on June 24th less than 3 weeks to go!

I completed the 5k in 28 minutes which I am really pleased with.  The only thing I worry about is how accurate the gps is on the i.pod.  If anyone else uses the fitness on an i.pod n.ano/touch your opinions would be greatly appreciated.  As I have been running for 34 minutes I carried on and got to 7k (which is approx 5.5miles) which took 39 minutes.

I took a day off today, I think it is wise to give my legs a rest plus as I weigh in it is always a mad rush to get everything done in time.  I will be back out there tomorrow after work and will again do 7k or maybe even push myself and get to 8k.

I think I now need to find a 10k after the 5k but before the half marathon.  I will have to get on line and see what I can find.  As for the weight loss last week I gained 4.5lb and this week I managed to lose 2.5lb of it.  It was my birthday and dh was 40 so there was a lot of birthday celebrations going on.  I was prepared for a gain although I was hoping it would all be back off this week.  It is frustrating how quickly weight can go on but take weeks to get back off.

I am currently at 56lb gone forever.  I haven't adjusted my ticker as I plan on getting back to where I was by my next weigh in.  Runs planned for tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday.  Wish me luck on building my distance.


  1. I think that you are doing a wonderful job!

  2. Wow, you are doing so great! I hear once you get into the marathon running and training it can be addictive! Sorry to hear endo interrupted things, but glad you were able to get back out!