Saturday, 19 February 2011

Good news and bad

I arrived at the hospital at 7.30am on Tuesday morning.  Bright and early.  I was first on the list for the morning surgery so I changed straight into my lovely hospital gown, paper knickers and the ever sexy surgery socks.  The nurse that was assigned to me was back and forth making sure all my paperwork was done and getting my hospital bracelets printed.  I also had to have a pregnancy test, I understand why they need to do it, but there is no possible way that I was pregnant I had had my period and not had sex since.  Plus in all my almost 33 years I have never been pregnant wouldn't that be a shock if I was now!

Liz came in next, it is always nice to see a friendly familiar face.  Liz ran through everything again to make sure I was happy with what was happening and got me to sign the consent form.  I had to sign to say I agreed to blood transfusions, open surgery if any damage occurred, and lots of other things you just wouldn't think of.  Liz really did put my mind at rest as she said all of the things we talk through that could happen are highly unlikely but obviously there is a risk with any surgery so all bases have to be covered.  I had yet to meet my surgeon so I asked Liz if I would before surgery to which she said yes he should be here any minute.  It would have been strange going into surgery with someone I had never met even if I knew he had a great reputation.

My next visitor was my anaesthetist.  He was lovely, really friendly, but I have no idea what his name was.  Once again he just ran through things.  We discussed previous surgeries I have had and if I had ever had any problems with my lungs or heart after any anaesthetic I had had in the past.  He had checked my echo results and said there was no change from June 2008 which was good.

Mr G arrived within minutes, I didn't have time alone to get nervous, which was good.  Mr G was a little crazy but I instantly liked him.  I knew I was in the hands of the right person.  As the others had been so thorough Mr G didn't have a lot more to add.  He asked to see where my laparotomy scar was and was happy that it wouldn't impede his surgery.  They had been worried about the old scar all along.  They were still going to play it safe and use an alternative incision site until they knew for sure they could enter via the belly button area without causing damage.

After they had all left this was the only time I was left alone for a few minutes.  I emptied my bladder as I had been asked then sat and waited.  It was less than 5 minutes before I was collected and walked around to the anaesthetist.  I had local anaesthetic in my hand before they put the cannula in which was brilliant I hardly felt a thing that was the first time I had ever had that.  They gave me oxygen and talked me through everything they were doing.  I felt so at ease.  And I guess before I knew it I was fast asleep.

Waking up is the worst, isn't it?  I still had the tube in my throat but I was so woozy and sleepy it hardly bothered me and the nurse was quick to remove it once she saw I was coming round.  The nurse put the oxygen mask on me and just sat next to me, talking to me from time to time, checking I was okay.  I think I was just nodding.  I hate that sleepy stage, your head is awake and aware but your body won't do what you want it to.  I was in recovery about an hour before they returned me to the ward.

By now I was more awake and feeling amazingly well.  I instantly was feeling better which I never in a million years believed was possible.  I had been having horrible pain in my right shoulder for such a long time and that morning it had been particularly bad.  Now it was gone!  I wasn't in pain at this point either whatever they had given me was clearly working very well.  I was able to empty my bladder withing an hour of being back on the ward and was up and at um.  I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping and going to the bathroom my bladder seemed to go into overdrive.

I was hoping to be allowed home that evening but I had also been prepared to spend the night.  The anaesthetist came to see me.  He was pleased to hear I was feeling and doing so well but due to the excessive surgery and the length of time it had taken he wanted me to stay in for the night.  As I had prepared myself for this I agreed straight away they know best right!  He was able to tell me that they had removed a lot of scar tissue, adhesion's and endo.  They had unstuck my bowels, left ovary and pelvic wall so that is was now all free as it should be.  They put dye through my tubes and they were clear.  The right hand side was a different story.  My whole right hand side was so densely adhered that they left it alone.  There was too big a risk of causing more damage if they tried to free it up.  They were concerned about damaging my bowel and thought the risk was just too high.  They also left a spot of endo on my bladder, I am not really sure why, I guess they were worried about damage again.

So while I had good news about my left hand side and clear tubes I also had bad news about my right hand side.  They did however confirm that there was still part of my ovary on the right hand side.  I am terrified that the pain I get during my period is still going to happen due to the damage already done that couldn't be repaired.  Although I am also hopeful that ttc may be easier now the left side has been put right.  I guess we will just have to wait and see on both counts. 

So here is to recovering and moving forward.

Hopefully pain free.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well. I hope your endo pain doesn't come back and that you will get some relief from the surgery. You explained so well what the whole surgery process is like. Loved this post. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. I hope that you continue to be pain free. Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. I hope your recovery is going well. Hang in there.