Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Today is Yellow Shirt Day

March 1st, Yellow Shirt Day to kick of awareness for the month for endometriosis.

I love the fact that there are so many of my friends on facebook who have profile pictures signifying the importance of this month and using it to raise awareness.  Yes a lot of them are my endo sisters but there are also those supporting us that do not suffer.  To me that says so so much!

For me today is also St. Davids Day.  Today is a good day.

Lets all do as much as we can throughout the month of March to promote awareness for this incurable chronic pain disease that affects 176 million women worldwide.

Above are a few websites with plenty of information about endometriosis. 

I wore my yellow today with pride and will continue through out the month to post facts and statistics both here and on facebook.  I will apologise in advance if I start to bug you (probably more so on facebook than here) but please forgive me we need more awareness and if we don't speak out about it ourselves no one else will do it for us.


  1. Good for you lady! Keep speaking out!

  2. I missed yellow shirt day (because I am behind on my blog life), but I appreciate you standing up for all of us gals.

  3. Thank you for the comments! People need to be aware and women who have this disease need to be educated about it. Even if just one person is helped it is worth it!

  4. I love these shirt. I bought 2 different colors and I'm going to buy a couple more. It was exactly what I wanted and what I expected to get.