Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Round 3

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  I haven't really known what to post but here it goes.

As I am on Round three of Clomid, obviously round two was unsuccessful!  My cycle did however go back up to 28 days with Ovulation on day 18.  This means my Luteal Phase still isn't long enough!  I decided to try once more with my GP so went ahead and made an appointment.  I wish I hadn't as I came from there wanting to kill her.  Why do doctors have to be so patronising.  I know myself and I know my body.  Apparently if my cycle was 28 days then I "ovulated on day 14 don't you know it has been that way for millions of years" seriously I could have puncher her right then and there.  It really is a good job I have learnt how to keep cool when hormones take over.  According to my blood test result I may have Ovulated as it was only 18.  It should be at least 30 to show Ovulation.

I asked if a Progesterone supplement would help.  It was suggested to me on a fertility board I use.  Many of the women there are on Clomid and have short LP's for which they have been prescribed cyclogest which is the commonly used progesterone medication here.  Dr B said that if she gave me progesterone it would be like giving me birth control and she didn't want to do that.  So all the fertility doctors must be crazy then, right?  After this visit I have decided not to see them about TTC anymore.  I will go in for my Day 21 blood tests and pick up the results from the reception.  I really do not need the added stress of being treated so badly.

In other news J and I have had a weekend in London.  I have loads of pics but they are at home and I am posting from work right now.  I will blog about that weekend tomorrow from home and include lots of pictures.

Weight loss is going really well as you can see in my ticker.  I am off to weight watchers tonight so hopefully it will be even better.  I will update the ticker after my meeting tonight as it is quick and easy.  I am hoping to get from the 15.5lb to 18lb loss.  I have everything crossed.

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