Thursday, 25 August 2011

Couch to 5k

Anyone heard of it?  Or any of you doing this?

I started on Monday.  I decided my weight loss needed some exercise to go with it.  I guess after my last post where I said I wasn't exercising it made me realise that I really should be and using my holiday as an excuse to put off starting was feeble.  It will help with my weight loss but it will also help with my health in general.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to get through the week 1 workout.  From no regular form of exercise for three years to actually starting a routine and sticking with it.  It is going to be tough but I am determined.  So Monday off I went brisk 5 minute walk to warm up then jogging for 60 seconds alternating with 90 seconds of walking and then a final 5 minute walk to cool down.  It was just under thirty minutes in total so it also didn't take up a massive amount of time.

Week 1 workout 2 was completed last night and workout 3 is planned for tomorrow.  Week two is similar but the length of time jogging increases to 90 seconds alternating with 2 minute walks.  I am going to repeat week 1 as I am then off on holiday for two weeks so won't be doing it then.  Hopefully when I get home it will feel easier when I again have decided to repeat week 1 and depending on how I feel after that week depends if I then repeat once more or move up.

The workout intends to get you from the couch to jogging 5k in 9 weeks.  I am sure if I were slimmer than I am 9 weeks would feel so much easier to achieve.  I really don't mind how long it takes me I just want to feel like I am doing something and improving each time.  It is so simple to follow.  The weekly workouts are listed online or you can download an app on to your phone.  I downloaded C25K Lite which was free and all you have to do is press start and then the phone bleeps each time you have to switch between walking and jogging, easy, and it is over before you know it.

Anyone looking for something new or who want to start jogging but need to build fitness I recommend this as it is simple and you build up your strength week to week.  Plus the weeks are not set in stone if you feel like you are not ready to move up then you don't have to.

PS check out my ticker way up the top there.  Another 2lb down this week.  That makes 22.5lb in total which means I am 1/3rd through my weight loss here is to the next 23lb's.  I am feeling so motivated right now and can't wait to reach my goal.


  1. I hope the weight loss and workout are still going well! Your motivation and enthusiasm are so inspiring to me! Don't give up! Thanks for the comments on my last post, I am glad my ramblings can prove to be helpful! I look forward to following you on your way to your goal!


  2. I began run/walking using C2K but have decided to stay at the 2min run : 1 min walk. I have gone 7.5 miles that way. Hoping to run/walk my first half marathon in December.