Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weight loss update

I am sure we are all the same when it comes to losing weight. It can never come off fast enough right?

I have to get the weight off to be able to proceed with IVF. I may have until May 2012 but it is also possible we hit the top of the list before that. Unless my BMI is 30 or less they will not let us have treatment. I am terrified of failing before I even get to have treatment. I have lost the weight in the past and then gained it all back again. I know deep down that I can do this and I want to do this.

So far I have had one week where I stayed the same but have lost every other week. I am doing okay with it until this week where I have not tracked my food. I have to keep track of what I eat to be able to lose this weight. I am dreading getting on those scales on Wednesday. Who am I kidding I dread the scales every week even when I know I have been angelic.

All I can do is track from today stay within my allowance until Wednesday and keep my fingers crossed that as I am aware of what I am eating I haven't gone over my points allowance the past few days.

68.5lbs seemed so daunting but now I am 20.5 lbs down that is almost 1/3rd off already. I have to remember to think about the positives and not the 48lbs left to lose.

I am off on holiday n two weeks time. That will be a challenge! Two weeks all inclusive all the food and drink we want for two whole weeks. Hopefully there will be healthy choices that I like, I am such a fussy eater lol. Although as it is a holiday I have resigned myself to the fact that I will likely gain weight but I will keep it to a minimum! I will swim and walk every day which will help.

I have downloaded the couch to 5k app on to my phone. Once home from holiday I plan on using it. I hate to run but I have to do something as right now when it comes to exercise I am being extremely lazy. I read my blogger friends posts over at endo confessions and I am in awe of her. I will never be the athlete she is but she inspires me to get off my butt.

For anyone else trying to lose weight stick with it it will come off eventually.

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