Monday, 10 October 2011

I found out from Facebook!

If it weren't for the fact that Facebook has so many positives for me I would most definitely close down my account.  I am a member of numerous groups on there all aimed at support and advice for women with endometriosis and all members are women with endo themselves.  I have made a lot of friends this way who know exactly what I go through on a day to day basis because it is there life to.

But this weekend my cousin announced that her pregnancy was going great.  I had no idea she was pregnant and I was really happy for her.  I was a little worried that she may have problems like me as I thought that it was that side of the family that this disease was affecting.  I am glad she hasn't had to deal with any of this.

Okay so you may be wondering what the issue is?  Well it is the fact that she is 20 weeks pregnant and not one member of my family thought it might be a good idea to tell me.  I don't think they purposely didn't tell me they just never brought it up.  I may just be oversensitive (okay not maybe I AM). But really if it were the other way around and one of my sister's, or any family member for that matter, were dealing with infertility I would make sure they knew and that they were okay.

Anyway I am glad that she is pregnant and I am over the moon that all is going well.  Why can't people just have more tact and thoughtfulness.  I am sure I have been guilty of this in the past in other situations.  I just thought my family especially my sister's would have thought more about my feeling's than that.

Okay moan over, I feel better to get it off my chest.  So here is to two new babies joining the family in the next 4 months.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog :D

    I remember a few close friends/family members not including my in pregnancy updates or announcements because they were "worried" how I would react and it just made me feel sad and guilty. I always promised myself that I wouldn't do that to my infertile friends and I didn't. I did personally tell them before I announced it on FB.