Thursday, 3 November 2011

Weight loss

I love weight watchers pro points!

I am losing weight slowly but it is steadily coming off.  The pro points system suits me down to the ground.  I can eat what I want when I want as long as I count all my points.  Easy!  Well most of the time it is easy other times it is a struggle to stay within the daily allowance.  Although that is what I am loving about this is that you also get a weekly allowance to use anytime you want.  I tend to keep mine for the weekend and have a chinese.

I started out on 36 dailies and 49 weeklies.  With the 20.5lbs I have lost since starting weight watchers I have lost 3 of those daily points but I still get all the weeklies (you never lose them they are for everyone).  It is all a balancing act.  Eating healthily but still having the things you enjoy throughout the week keeps me in check.

For instance yesterday I ate a cadbury's crunchie which was 5pp and it was worth every single one of them.  I logged into ww online and logged it in.  Altogether yesterday I used 38pp so that was all of my allocation of 33 dailies (which you have to use) plus I used 5 from my weekly allowance.

(Courtesy of google images)

Anyway enough about weightwatchers.  Couch to 5k is going great I am starting week 4 tonight.  I am not getting 3 workouts in 7 days done more like every 10 - 12 days.  It is definitely getting easier though and I am actually loving getting out and running.  The fact the clocks went back last weekend is an issue though as I used to run on the canal but with it being so dark so early now I am not going to be doing this anymore.  I now have to use the roads!  My issue with that is people will see me.  I know how stupid that sounds but I am still very overweight and probably look a right site.  Why oh why do we have to be self conscious.

I will persevere and get on with it though because I am enjoying it and don't want to stop plus it helps with the weight loss obviously.

I almost forgot I have signed up to Park Run and this Saturday morning I will be doing 5k.  Not necessarily running it all but I will complete it and then I will have a time to beat and will hopefully improve every time.  Park Run is every Saturday morning at 9am and although I would rather stay in bed I also can't wait to get out and do it.  I am guessing at some point during the 5k I will be less enthused if I remember I will take my camera and get some pictures.

My ticker up there at the top of the page is almost half way and I would be over the moon if I got to the halfway point with my next weigh in.  So I will be working my butt off this week to try and get another big loss of 3.5lb unlikely but I may as well try right, what I have got to lose?  Apart from the 3lb I mean :)

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  1. Wow! You are such a hard worker!! Congrats on the progress - you are definitely an inspiration!!

    Thanks for all of your support and I just know you will reach that goal in no time!!

    xxx EndoJoanna