Friday, 18 May 2012

I found some photo's

From a holiday a few years ago, I say a few it was more like 6 maybe even more.  The thing is I know when these pictures were taken I was the same weight I am now.  I think I look good in the old pictures but ones J took of me today I thought were not so great.  I know I still have weight to lose and it seems that weight wants to hang around my mid section on show to the world <sigh>.

Anyway the photo's were from our holiday to Thailand.  Hopefully I will be able to upload a few (or maybe 16) of them for you all to see.  I loved it there, the people were amazing they made you feel like family.  We spent most of our evenings in an Irish bar and the local staff were some of the nicest people we have ever met while away.  It was one of those places that just sticks out in your mind, you know.

It was such a beautiful place and it was less than two years after the devastating tsunami hit there.  Believe it or not you would not have known apart from locals selling books full of photographs of the devastation and the tsunami guideline signs all along the front.

This was a game that only the locals won.  It was great fun to watch!

This young boy was so cute.

We were on a boat on the river in Bangkok when another boat passed us and I just had to get a picture shame I didn't get it all in just a little too slow.

Grand Palace, Bangkok.  If you ever find yourself in Bangkok this is one place you must visit!

The Irish Bar and staff in Patong beach, Phuket.

Patong Beach

The Beach, you know the one, they made a film there with Leonardo Dicaprio. 

This was Phi Phi beautiful, so small and if it wasn't for all us tourists a very peaceful place.

Tsunami evacuation details.

One day we may get to go back, until then I can keep looking at all the amazing photographs which trigger so many great memories!

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  1. Oh I was hoping to see a photo of you on the blog. Well the photos of Thailand were nice to see. Someday I hope to get there myself.