Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I love my ticker, my little jogger lady just gets closer and closer to the goal.  After last weeks 3.5lb loss I though this week would be a bit of a bust.  I know I should have more confidence in myself as I stick to what I should be having each week.  I am never hungry which is always a good thing as hunger tends to have me grabbing something quick which is never a healthy option.

So this weeks loss was 1.5lb.  I am now only 10.5lb from my first major goal of my healthy IVF weight.  I am excited to be so close to it.  When I started 68.5lb seemed like an unachievable target but now I am almost there and I can't wait to hit it as I fly past.  It looks like treatment won't start until at least October and more likely January.  Plenty of time to get this body back in shape yet.

I will be running 5K at the end of June and I can now cover the distance in about 27 and a half minutes.  To think when I started 60 seconds of running was a complete nightmare and almost killed me.  Now I love it!  How times change.


  1. Congratulations on the amazing weight loss and the exercise goals, you are doing awesome! I can't believe you are doing a 5K, that's great! I hope it goes well for you, I know it will serve as a real milestone once it is completed! You definitely need to reward yourself with something soon, you have worked so hard and are a true inspiration to many of us!! xx

  2. I cannot wait to get where you are!! You have done an amazing job. We are going to walk in a 5K in June. I never even considered running :o

  3. Great job! Every last ounce counts! The 5k sounds like fun.

  4. Please see a good Naturopath-they could change all of this for you with the right diet advice and some great suplements. I am a Nutritionist and have worked with Endo in the past, please look at Iodine, krill oils, Boswelia and other anti-inflammatories. As well as researching Estrogen dominance, Xenoestrogens-you need to avoid all of these. Look at getting a salivary hormone test [not blood], and hair analysis for both of you to establish both toxic levels and nutritional deficiencies. This will significantly improve your chances-Good Luck