Tuesday, 8 March 2011

3 weeks post surgery

Three weeks ago today, right now in fact, I was in surgery.  Surgery that would hopefully give me some sort of pain free life.  When I was told how bad my right hand side was and that they hadn't touched it I knew instantly that I was not gong to be pain free.  I still had hope that my pain was gong to be greatly reduced though.  The fact that I had woken up with that awful shoulder pain gone helped keep my spirits up and believe that things could only get better.

After surgery I bled for 5 days.  Not heavily, just annoying and I was only allowed to use towels.  After using tampons for so long it was tough using sanitary towels.  My actual period was due on the 28th of February which is still yet to arrive.  I now have no idea when I might start to bleed.  It might just be I skipped this one due to post surgery bleeding and my next one will come right on time.  Or I could start bleeding at any time.  Who knows!  So for now, just to be on the safe side, I have tampons in my bag for whenever I leave the house.

I had five incisions for the surgery, four of which haven't really bothered me, but one has been extremely painful.  To look at it is so small and looks great as it is healing just fine.  But the pain, not all the time, wow it hurts.  It seems to ease pretty quickly though.  Maybe it is something I am doing that is aggravating it?  I guess I will have to keep an eye on when it starts and make a note of what I have been doing.  Over the counter paracetemol is enough to take the edge off. I really do not want to take anything stronger.  I hate painkillers!

That shoulder pain that I said was gone when I woke up, well it hasn't gone completely.  It is so much better than before but it is still there.  Much more bearable now and not constant.  It is the constant pain that can get you down, to always have some sort of pain is draining.  I have been having some ovary pain as well but again much better than before.  For now I am blaming it all on the fact that my insides are raw and healing.  The extent of surgery will take time to heal and I am going to allow it the time it needs before I blame the endo for causing the pain.

So for now things seem to be right on track (apart from my period).  I will be contacting the hospital at some point this week to find out when my follow up appointment will be.  I will not allow them to operate on me and then explain everything to me when I am lucid rather than high right after surgery.  They did that to me the last time and it took two and a half years to find out everything I wanted to know.

(originally written at 10am)

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