Tuesday, 24 January 2012

It is tougher than I thought!

Keeping up with commenting.  Normally I read and run.  I know I know I really should try and comment more which was why I joined in this month's ICLW.  By the time I have done a full days work, read all the blogs, read parts of my book, watch tv, cook dinner and spend some time with DH and general stuff around the house the commenting part doesn't happen.

Plus I like to try and say something to help support or encourage.  I do not like to just leave some meaningless note.  Another problem I seem to have though is memory loss.  Seriously, I get to the end of a blog post and I have to read it again to pick out the parts I wanted to comment on.  I seem to struggle with this a lot!

Anyone have any tips on improving memory?

I have so many thoughts and things to do buzzing around my head that I forgot most of them.  I know that there are a few things I need to post about.  Tomorrow in work I am going to get a good old fashioned pen and paper and make some notes.  Notes for posts and for other stuff.  Maybe just maybe I will get most things done as it will be in black and white and I can cross them off as they are achieved.


It is weigh in Wednesday tomorrow I always sneaky peak at home and the scales look like they are going in the right direction.  I guess I will just have to be patient and wait until tomorrow evening when the official weigh in happens.  

It is late 23:18 and I have been trying to catch up on reading blogs (taking a little longer as due to ICLW I now have more of you I follow :0) )  that's a good thing though.  I think I have just one more comment to leave.  Although it is almost midnight for me I could get a head start on tomorrow's comments.  Who am I kidding I will be fast asleep by the time midnight gets here!!

If you are dropping in from ICLW then hello to you and if I haven't left a comment on your blog leave a link in my comment section and I will stop by.  It might take a while but I will get there.

Right well time to switch this laptop off and get some sleep.  Good night all x


  1. Don't ask me about memory loss I forget who I am somedays. Damn fibromyalgia.

  2. I do the memory loss thing too. And the read and run...I am horrible about that. I am a youtube vlogger as well and I am thinking of setting up an ICLW of sorts for YT as well because it keeps me on track. I have found I have to read and when something sticks out to me I go and start writing my comment then go back and continue reading. it takes a little more time to read in the first place but still takes less time than reading, going to comment and sitting there for five minutes drawing a blank before finally sighing and starting all over. *smh* my brain sometimes...Good luck!
    Hi from ICLW!

  3. My memory is awful. And I don't think ICLW is helping either! I can't remember who I've visited/commented on and who I haven't. The good thing is my work has been way boring this week, so I've been able to get it done during the day. :-)