Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

My first post of 2012.  I hope every one of you had a good New Year!

I was nervous after a small 0.5lb loss Christmas week I felt that the week over New Year was actually harder.  I wanted to eat the chocolates and we had lots of other goodies in the house pringles and chocolate fingers and cake!  I did eat a little of everything but tried very hard to limit how much I had.

I guess treating myself but staying aware of how much I was having paid off once again!

Another 0.5lb loss!

Besides the weight loss my body is also playing games with me this month.  I have had no sign of ovulation and I am CD19 today.  I have had pains today that made me think that maybe I was ovulating today but I had no line on my OPK.  The pain was pretty bad for about an hour.  It was around my left ovary and those awful contraction type pains that ripple across my abdomen.  That is the pain I do not want to come back.  At it's worst (almost 4 years ago now) my husband once asked me if I was sure I wasn't in labour.  Seriously if I was able to breathe at the time I may just have killed him.

Let's wait and see how aunt flo treats me in 9 days time.  I am a little nervous I am due a rough month.  Isn't it awful that we prepare for a bad month!  I have had 2 months where I was in pain and uncomfortable but managed with paracetamol and lidocaine pain patches.  I also made it to work every day although my boss always comments on when I am ill I guess I must look like hell.


  1. I remember lidocaine patches. I haven't been able to get a script for them since I started TTC. For some reason I think the doctors would rather keep me in pain. Though after a while even the patches stop helping with the pain relief.

  2. Stopped by from ICLW - awesome job on the weight loss. You've inspired me!

  3. Wow, I am glad I stopped by because I didn't know you were doing the weekly Wednesday Weight-in also! Excited to follow you in your TTC and weight loss journey!

    Happy ICLW
    Donor Diva #7

    1. I didn't know there was such a thing! The reason for my posts on a Wednesday is that I go to weight.watchers on a Wednesday evening and I try to post a quick update after the class. Good luck with your weight loss.