Thursday, 29 March 2012

At last!

It has taken a lot of hard work, determination and dedication to get to where I am today.  I have truly had to work extremely hard to get the results I am getting.  But you know it is so incredibly worth it. I stepped on the scales last night a bag of nerves.  I know in my heart I was due a good loss and that I deserved a good loss after sticking with it week after week with small 0.5lb losses or staying the same.  Why is it we always doubt ourselves when it comes to shedding weight?

I finally got a great loss of 3lb's and I am now 52.5lb lighter than I was at the beginning of June last year.  My weight loss averages out to just over 1lb per week and you know that is amazing!  For anyone else who struggles to lose weight slow and steady weight loss is the way to do it.  I am confident that with the time it is taking me to lose the weight I will easily be able to keep it off.  Keeping it off can be as hard as losing it to begin with!

I am going to take some pictures over the weekend.  I have a photo from exactly a year ago, I am going to dig out the jeans and t shirt I was wearing and take a picture so I can compare.  I also have a dress I wore to a wedding just over a year ago so that will also be coming out to have a picture in.  I struggle to see my own weight loss.  Of course the fact I have dropped 3 (almost 4) dress sizes I know I have lost weight and I do notice subtly changes but the fact I am now over 50lb loss I want to see big changes.  Hopefully the pictures I take will show me that.

Actually the only time you will ever find me in a dress is at a wedding and then it is begrudgingly.  Just the other day I ordered myself a dress and I love it.  It is stripy with all different colours very summery and was almost 100% comfortable in it.  Obviously I am still a woman with another 46lb that I need to lose and once some of that is gone and my stomach is a little flatter I am sure I will be just fine.  If I am brave enough I may take a picture in that dress.

I am feeling a lot fitter now.  There was a time when just walking up the stairs would have me out of breathe.  Seriously, it was not a good feeling.  Heavy breathing due to the weight around my neck.  That is just two things that I do not miss what so ever.

I will be completing my week 6 of C.25K on Saturday morning.  I have to walk for 5 minutes to warm up then jog for 25 minutes then walk for 5 minutes as a cool down.  I made it through 20 minutes last week to complete week 5 so whats another 5 minutes (if you don't hear from me you know I didn't make it lol).  I am so surprised by how much I am enjoying running.  I know when I was in school that I thoroughly enjoyed cross country but that was when I was 14 - 16 and 126lb.  To be able to run again and enjoy it feels great.

So for anyone else out there trying to lose weight or start exercising it can be done.  Just take it slow and steady.

My next goal is another 3.5lb loss which will equate to 4stone (sorry UK measurements) which is a nice small amount to concentrate on.  Hopefully it won't take too long but if it does so be it!

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  1. I think its just wonderful how you've been able to lose the more than 50 lbs over an entire year. Losing slower is so much better for your body than this fad diets.