Thursday, 14 April 2011

Form filling

I had an email from my husband saying that a large envelope had arrived for me with private and confidential on it.  I asked him to open it up and let me know what was in it.  He emailed back to say it was from the IVF clinic.  A lot of forms that need to be filled in.  It is amazing how something like form filling makes you feel so good.  I finally feel like things are real and are truly going to happen.

Today I have had fruit and a small bowl of cereal for breakfast.  For lunch I have just eaten some chicken with low fat mayonnaise on crisp bread and the rest of the fruit.  I even got a comment off my boss about how nice the fruit looked.  Tonight for dinner we are having gammon and I have veggies to go with it.  Today the exercise starts.  J is taking me out for a walk.  When I say walk I mean Hike.  I will take my camera and if it is clear and not raining I will take some pictures and post them up for you.

Only 4 days to go!

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  1. Yeah!!! Great job on your healthy eating and hike! I agree with you aboth filling out forms - it is so delightful to be "doing" something instead of waiting.