Monday, 25 April 2011

Glorious weather and a lazy weekend

It is hard to believe that it is still only April.  The weather here is normally wet and grey.  To be having glorious blue skies and it being hot already is almost unheard of.  I am most definitely not complaining it really does make a nice change.  According to the forecast it is going to be nice right up through Thursday.  Friday though is not so great, rain is on it's way, I guess that is about right though with a royal wedding that day.

As it is a holiday weekend I have had a lovely 4 days straight off work.  It doesn't happen very often and yet this week I am only in work 3 days as it is happening all over again next weekend.  Thanks to Wills and Kate getting married we get a paid day off work, how cool is that.  An extra days holiday is always welcomed.  On the bonus side I have booked next week off work and we are going to have a five day getaway.  Only two hours away but a break from home and work.  Recharge the batteries get some hiking in and use the fantastic leisure facilities which include a lazy river!  We can hire a golf buggy to use on the site if we want but I want to walk help shift these pounds.  By the way I am another 4lb's down, even when I don't post I will do my best to remember to update my ticker.

We have had quite a lazy weekend.  Friday we went out and did a bit of shopping, nothing exciting, mostly toiletries and household things.  At one point I thought the good old endo pain was going to disrupt things.  Luckily it was just a flash of pain,  I must have gotten out of the car awkwardly and the left ovary screamed for a couple of seconds.  It was overcast but still warm so when we got home we got our patio furniture out and put the bar bq on. Makes my life easier J does all the cooking and I clean up afterwards which is quick and easy all done and loaded in the dishwasher in five minutes.  In the evening we decided to stay in so we caught up on TV we had sky+'ed. 

I had a lovely lie in but not too late seems silly to waste the good weather in bed.  Some of Saturday was spent cleaning the house and pottering around the garden.  I am not good in heat so I came indoors for a while.  I decided to take a nap.  I didn't manage sleep but it was nice to just lie on the bed in the cool.  As it was obvious I wasn't going to sleep I watched a bit of TV.  Later in the evening as it was a friends birthday and we went around and had chinese food at there house.  A few drinks and a good gossip and it was soon 11pm.  I had started yawning at 9pm!

Yesterday I caught up with all the blogs I read.  I love catching up with what is happening with everyone.  I love the support I get here and when I can I try to support those who need it as well.  Sometimes that is hard when you haven't been where they are now.  I also know it could be somewhere I am in the future and to know that I have been a part of someone else's journey gives me hope for how I react in my journey, that there is no right or wrong, and that there will always be someone who can relate and can offer support.  After dinner which J once again cooked we went out for a few drinks.  I got to catch up with friend's and I even got to cwtch baby R, she is so small and absolutely gorgeous.  Plus I did not get emotional at all, breakthrough (or just a good day).

Today has flown by and I feel like I did nothing.  I did get up later than normal and watch TV and read quite a lot.  I guess time just has a way of slipping past unnoticed.  It is now almost 10pm and I am back in work tomorrow.  Time for me to get some well earned sleep.  Have I told I like to sleep?  I like to sleep as much as I can.   Seriously my life seems so boring but I like it just the way it is.  Well, almost there is just person missing (maybe two), then life would be perfect!

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