Thursday, 21 April 2011

Such a let down

Sorry for not posting sooner.  Mondays appointment at the IVF clinic was a bit of a let down.  I really am no wiser now than I was before then.  We were called in to see the doctor who flicked through our forms and asked questions as she did.  They didn't have J's SA results which, as it is the same clinic, you would think they would have them on file and easily accessible.  Obviously things are not that simple.

I explained about my endometriosis and the two surgeries I had had and due to the fact that most of my right ovary was removed they did an internal ultrasound and a blood test to check my ovarian reserve (AMH).  Giving blood was easy the phlebotomist was very good and got the vein first go and hardly left a mark.  Normally they struggle to get blood from me and I end up with numerous needle sticks and a large bruise.  The ultrasound however was a different story!  To say it was painful is an understatement.  The reason for the pain was that there is a cyst on my left ovary. Seriously. Nine weeks after excision and I have a cyst.

I am hoping that the cyst will naturally disappear.  I guess time will tell with that.  The blood gets sent to Glasgow for testing and I have no idea how or when or even if I will get the results.  As it is Easter I am going to give it a couple of weeks and then call them.  I don't think I can stand not knowing.  If I have no eggs then we can get on with other options.  The next step for us which we have talked a lot about is adoption.  I would rather know and move on now than wait 12 months when we will likely get to the top of the IVF list to be told.

(Courtesy of Google images)

The one thing I was told was that I have to lose a lot of weight.  If I don't then treatment would not go ahead.  I already knew that and as you all know my first week of healthy eating I lost 3lb's.  Tomorrow I weigh again and hopefully I will get another 3lb.  I find it extremely hard to lose weight even though I have so much to lose.  So a slow and steady weight loss is what I am aiming for.  In total I have to lose 68lb to get to the heaviest healthy weight they will allow treatment to commence.  I am going to look for a ticker that I can put here.  You are all needed to keep me on track and if I have a ticker you can keep up with how things are going.


  1. You have my full support and I think you are doing so awesome, losing weight in the face of the stress of infertility. I think it sucks that they won't commence fertility treatments just because of weight. I understand the concept behind it...but it still sucks. And if that was the case in NY, we would have been moving onto adoption long ago. I'm cheering you your quest for a baby and your weight loss journey.

  2. I guess the fact that the treatments are free and therefore they want the healthiest people possible to go ahead with treatment to get the best overall reasults. I am sure if we where able to afford to pay a private clinic my weight wouldn't be such an issue. They would probably recommend losing weight but wouldn't not start treatment because of it.