Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's been a year! (Weigh In Wednesday)

I had to fight hard to get what I wanted and what we needed.  Why I had to fight so hard I have no idea.  After seven years of no birth control and not a single pregnancy I wanted my doctor's to listen to me and get me on the list for IVF.  Here in the UK I am able to have two rounds of IVF on the NHS.  It won't cost me a penny.  I believe that one cycle consists of a fresh cycle plus and FET if there are enough fertilised eggs.  So if I am right there are four chances for us to become pregnant.

I realised last night that it has been just over a year since I was added to the waiting list.  See there is a downside to getting it free you also have to wait your turn.  You get seen in the order that you are added to the list.  So December 4th was the one year point.  When I had my appointment back in April I was told that it was a 12 - 18 month wait.  Going by everything else within the NHS I knew it was going to be longer so I have told myself that 18 months would be great but to be prepared to wait two years.

If it does turn out that two years is the correct timing then I am halfway there.  I can wait another 12 months.  It of course will be hard we are not getting any younger!  J turns 40 in 2012.  I feel like we will be the oldest parent ever.

Of course we won't but when all your old school friends all have children who are closer to ten years old than babies it makes you feel left so far behind everything.

I know that being an older mum will be beneficial in so many ways.  I have learnt so much more patience.  I have watched what my sisters do with there children and know which parts I will not do with mine and which I will.

Plus last night was Weight Watchers!

After last weeks stall this week was back to better news! Another 1lb off. This is a tough time of the year with so many parties and meals out.  I have a meal out with some of our good friends tonight and then it is my works Christmas meal tomorrow night.  For both we are going to all you can eat Chinese buffets.  Chinese is my favourite but I will make wise choices to limit any damage done.  I won't deprive myself I can still enjoy the food but like I have said before it is all a balancing to act.

I am sure I will be fine and if not then the following week it will be better.

Just quickly I want to say a big Congratulations to a fellow blogger friend of mine on the birth of her beautiful son!  I am so pleased for her and her husband that her gorgeous son Ian Andrew is here.

Congratulations Princess Wahna Bea Mama over at The princess and the peestick

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  1. Well hey this is good news that you'll soon get your IVF. I have hopes for you. And congrats on the weight loss. I keep see-sawing on mine.