Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Weigh In Wednesday

I wasn't very hopeful for this week. I did the best I could but it is that time of year. We went for the meal out with friends on Thursday evening. All you can eat Chinese, it was delicious. Then on Friday it was my workplace Christmas meal out and once again Chinese, all you can eat, including ice-cream for dessert, heaven!

It is amazing the difference in my choices. I avoided the fried rice and stuck with noodles. Much better in pro points plus I also prefer them. I had duck and sweet and sour chicken, spring rolls, onions rings, satay chicken, a mouthful of cheesecake a small amount of ice-cream with strawberries, marshmallows and a little chocolate off the chocolate fountain. It sounds like a lot but by sticking to small portions I was able to still have everything I wanted and still be sensible.

Saturday onwards I only had my daily pro points that was a bit of a struggle and I did slip up one day and went over by 3. Next time I will make sure I only arrange one night out in any week that way the points will last longer. But on the good side at least I now know I can do it . It is all about getting on with your life and making the life changes to sustain losses but still live and not miss out.

The reason I know I can do this and continue onwards is despite the obstacles that got in the way this week I still lost 2.5lb. I got another shiny silver 7 on my card and a lovely total of 38lb lost. I was shocked but over the moon!

I hope the rest of you who are battling to lose weight stick at it. It is a hard and long fight but if I can do this then so can you!


  1. Wow! Good work. I can only hope to get out of my yo-yo cycle I've been in of late.

  2. Just stick at it Rebecca you can do it!