Thursday, 29 December 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

Okay so it is Thursday not Wednesday. Due to the Christmas holidays most of the weigh in classes for ww were closed including my normal Wednesday evening class. My leader, however, decided that her Thursday evening class would be the one she would open and anyone could go along. So just to keep me on track and focused in this weight loss journey I went along to find out the damage, it is Christmas after all.

Christmas dinner was delicious between the two of us my DH and I managed to get it all done and on the table almost on schedule. I was aiming for two o'clock and we sat down around twenty past so not bad at all!

For some reason I didn't take any pictures when we were sat eating or afterwards when opening gifts. Strange that as we took loads of pictures last year. Oh well will have to remember to get the camera out and on the table for Christmas 2012 it will be here before we know it!

Anyway tonight weigh in. Drum roll please .................................. I lost half a lb!

Can you believe that? I was amazed, I have mentally been counting up my points every day in my head but not tracking as I would normally. Every day I enter my food on to my ww tracker and point ever single thing that passes my lips.

I guess what this shows me is that the pro points is working for me. It is teaching me how to change what I eat and how much I eat. Now I just have to have another good week.

Tomorrow we have all of DH's family here so more lovely food and then New Years Eve. After that though we are back to normal (hopefully all the chocs and nice things will be gone by then!).

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  1. YAY!
    I gained 0.2 lbs only to lose it again then this morning, thank you steroids I gained back 0.4 pounds. I'm not obsessed with weighing myself or anything! LOL
    Good work and keep on track. You'll be at your goal sooner than you think.